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Digital twin

Digital twin offers the next level of building insights and efficiency which help us to manage our goals and reach our targets to make our world a better place.

Skrobaki thrives and ensures that all aspects of any assets are in-built into our platform so as to obtain most precise analytics.


Asset Registry

Benefit from a central database with all of your Equipment, Spaces Warranty AMC, Gauge, Meter and Documents.


52 Weeks PPM, AMC Schedule, KPI’s, Work Order, Inventory, Employees attendance within under one platform.


Instantly raise your concern, complaints, SLA, compliance and incidents directly to our platform and let the professionals take care of it.

IoT & Digital Twin

Experience the latest technology with less human intervention and more automation and Artificial Intelligence. Skrobaki platform hs integrated Digital Twin platform with integrated sensors to the built asset.


Take control of your assets by reviewing live reports, KPI’s and Dashboard information and take appropriate measures.


Skrobaki facilitate a smooth the transition from construction to asset management with soft landing and COBiE (Construction Operation Building information Exchange)

Our Fundamentals

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