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Skrobaki provide BIM Consulting Services and Digital Engineering Management for project. By implementing BIM at the very begining of the project, there is greater chance to influence the cost, quality and outcome of the project. 

Speak us with to learn more.
BIM for
Architects are a major enablers of BIM and can bring much value to their projects by promoting BIM uses. BIM has endless capabilities in achieving high performance design, sustainability and more intensional design.
BIM for
For too long we, builders have kept their traditional ways of building. BIM brings construction to a whole different level. 

BIM can provide more confidence, quality, safety and cost reduction to building projects. Get in touch with us and find out how we do it. 
BIM for
2D Engineering comes with a lot of complexities which leads to site issues. With BIM implemented within projects, contractors can exactly understand the expectation of the design, correct and respond to any RFIs from the contractor. 
BIM for
The advancement of technology tools have made it so easy and much efficient in capturing exisitng conditions. 

BIM, Laser technologies and high performance software now can project high quality design and data, predition and assessments for projects.

BIM for
BIM for pre-fabrication provides a lot of benefit to builders as errors and omissions are minimised while ensuring that the design is fully coordinated with all other disciplines.
BIM for
Project and grow your product sales by providing a BIM Object to your customers. 

By enabling the insertion of your product into the design, there is greater chance of forcast sales.
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