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BIm for


We work with contractors to implement BIM for Design and BIM-to-Field

BIM for Construction

Building Information Modelling (BIM) and VDC (Virtual Design and Construction) for construction phase is the process of using federated models to coordinate and control construction activited. This process helps to reduce cost, errors and reduce construction phase.

BIM 4D (Sheculing)

risk Assessment (Simulation)

Augmented Reality

As-Built Models

Quality COntrol

BIll of Quanitties & Cost control

Issue Management

Progress control

PRepare for Asset Management

Quality Control

BIM processes enables Quality Control to be done at different stages with better precision. At design stage,  clash detection analysis is done with relevant disciplines BIM models to ensure that no clashes occur on site.  

During construction, laser scanning techniques is used to compare as-built with the design. Correction and adjustments can be done during construction phase. 

Quality Control during Construction Stage
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