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BIM for Project Management

Project Management


BIM is a process which is used to create and manage information throughout the lifecycle of building projects. At Skrobaki, we use multiple tools to undertake our projects through the BIM process as per the ISO 19650 series.

BIM and Project Stages

BIM projects


The seven fundamental stages of BIM projects are crucial for proper information management. We ensure that the correct processes are in place to enable flow of information from one party to another. 



BIM Process removes all unknowns within projects as they are fully detailed and analysed throughout the different phases.


Quality assurance with AI are above the human capabilities. Our AI platforms ensures that projects is constructed as designed.


Higher costs are always associated with greater risk and unknows. When risks and uncertainties are eliminated, so are the costs.

CDE Process

Our process enables intergration and collaboration of all SMEs and stakeholders. We use an EDMS platform to allow sharing of files and to communicate with appropriate channels.


Model uses for multiple AEC discplines enables the design and construction to be fully optimized, thus providing the best possible building at the right costs within a a record time.

Asset Managemnt

We facilitate AM as part of our Project Management Process. Soft Landing, As-Built Models and CoBIe sheets are generated so that information can be transfered to operation managers.

Our Fundamentals

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