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Image by Christopher Burns


BIM for

Steel Fabrication

Steel structures, Timber frame and concrete structures have the ability to be constructed off site. BIM enables high precision and collaboration between multiple consultants while increaseing confidence in project delivery.

Steel Fabrication

We provide steel fabrication documentation and shop-model with BIM. Our technology enables detail review and approval, 3D Model View for easy installation, risk management and day-to-day team planning. In addition, we generate a Bill of Quantities for all steel elements within the project.

Building structure 5.JPG

DEtail Drawing

Timber Framing.JPG

BIM for

Frame Carpentry

Timber Frame Structures is one of the main components of building. With BIM, frame can be pre-fabricated with high precision. Pre-fabrication enables faster project completion and reduction in construction cost and there is now framing timber wasted.

As part of our quality assurance process, we federate the timber frame model with other MEP, Structural Steel, Hydraulic and architectural models to ensure that there is no clashes

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