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About Us

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Skrobaki is a team of young practitioners who are passionate about technology and the building industry. With joint experiences, knowledge, skills and strength, Skrobaki is shaping the built environment with cutting edge technologies and bringing value to project stakeholders. Skrobaki is the perfect combination of people, process and technology.


Our Story

Skrobaki was founded in 2015 by Kevin Enassee as residential contractor. Being passionate about both technology and the built environment, he was determined to take the company to the next level, surely something different than the traditional building methods.


His determination to impact the building industry has resulted with Skrobaki being one of the leading Digital Engineering provider in Australia. As the world expriences digital transformation at all level, it is an honour to lead the way and allows all building stakeholders to experience the benefit of digital transformation.

The Skrobaki logo was derived and inspired by the housing structure of Giant Larvaceans. "Giant Larvaceans are small, clear sea animals that make a complex net, or house, of mucus."

Our Values


Faith as a value allows us to serve heartily and empower people to be their best self in the workplace.


We constantly choose to infuse our actions with honesty, fairness and respect for everyone around us.  


We believe that family is a blessing and our first responsiblity. We will strive to protect, support, love and care for our spouses and children.


We value and treat everyone the same way, with respect, humility and serve proactively with our best. We strive to do more than what is required, take an extra step to better serve the world.


We do everything to the best of our abilities, gifts and talents. We will continuously pursue innovation and improvements so that we can provide a much better service and deliver more than what is expected.

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